Saturday, August 15, 2009

Fashion Sense Comments on the Town Hall Meetings on Healthcare Reform

Here at Fashion Sense we're wondering about all these hysterical people making threats and outrageous comments about healthcare reform. Is it Astroturfing? Right-wing populism? Will they succeed in preventing us from getting the reforms we so badly need? Talk about using your "second amendment rights" to shoot yourself in the foot! [Click on the image for a larger version of of this cartoon. The text reads: 'Last night I went to a town hall meeting about health care reform, and a woman in the audience said, "I heard that if we have Obama's healthcare plan, they'll give everybody on Medicare Dr. Kevorkian's number and insist we call him," and our congressperson said in a reasonable tone of voice that it wasn't true, and a man said, "I heard that if we have government-run healthcare disabled people like Stephen Hawking will die," and our congressperson reminded people that Hawking lives in England and that he himself recently said the National Health Service saved his life, and another woman said, "Sarah Palin said on Facebook that if we have healthcare reform we'll have death panels to decide the fate of people like her son and parents," and our congressperson said there's nothing in Obama's plan that would create death panels, and I couldn't stand it any more, and I said, "In her resignation speech Sarah Palin asked the media to 'quit making things up,' but why does SHE continue to make things up? And why do people believe what Palin and Rush Limbaugh are saying? What if they said there will be a new reality show where people compete for who gets a liver transplant or heart surgery, and one by one they'll be voted out until the lucky winner gets to live, like some horrible version of The Weakest Link? Would you believe that?” and the lady who asked the question about Dr. Kevorkian said, "I just love The Weakest Link, but I don’t trust Obama," and the guy who asked about Stephen Hawking said with real interest, "How would you try out for a show like that? I mean if it was run by Republicans?" and I thought nothing could be more absurd than that until today when I got a letter from my health insurance company telling me they were raising my premiums by $100.00/ month and they won't pay for the knee surgery I need; my gerbil thinks the letter is so full of bureaucratic doublespeak that William Shatner should read it like a beat poem like he did with parts of Sarah Palin’s speech because laughter is good medicine, and it’s the only free medicine we have available to us right now.']

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