Saturday, April 18, 2009

Prague in Bloom

Today was a cool and overcast day, and I took this picture of Petrin Hill from a street corner near our apartment in Mala Strana. It shows that the park rises from the urban landscape like a green oasis:
The blooming fruit trees have been attracting photographers and tourists by the hundreds, and because the first two weeks of April were unseasonably warm, the trees seemed to burst into bloom overnight.
The trees themselves are an attraction, and they also frame familiar buildings in ways photographers can't resist:
Even this subdued statue of composer Vitezslav Novak looks charming against the backdrop of a tulip tree in bloom:
I enjoy the sight of new leaves unfurling (though the fact that Prague has experienced record high temperatures this month is probably an indication that global warming has hurried things along):
And if climate change continues, it can disrupt the food supplies of beautiful birds like this chaffinch:
And this thrush:

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