Thursday, September 4, 2008

Vicky Cristina Barcelona; Gustav Katrina New Orleans

In the wake of hurricane Gustav, I had a few thoughts on Javier Bardem's aversion to cars and on Trouble the Water, a film about Katrina and New Orleans. [Click on the image for a larger version of this cartoon. The text reads: 'Rosa called and asked if I wanted to see a movie, and I said, "Which one?" and she said, "How about Vicky Cristina Barcelona?" and I said, "I heard it has tons of beautiful footage of the city," and she said, "And tons of beautiful footage of Javier Bardem," and I said, "I read in Time that he doesn't like to drive and calls cars speeding bullets," and Rosa said, "Speaking of cars, when are you going to get one?" and I said, "I’m not. My bike is good enough for me," and she said, "But what if you had to take your injured child to the ER?" and I didn't bother to remind her that I don't have any kids, and I said, "If my gerbil had a midnight emergency, I’d put him in a carrier and call a cab," and then I said, "I want to see Trouble the Water, too -- it’s about Katrina and New Orleans," and she said, "I just heard an interview with Danny Glover, who produced it; he said the reason all those poor people couldn't evacuate was because they didn't have cars, which is another good argument for owning one," and I said, "Or a good argument for decent public transit. And what’s really indecent is that a lot of them still haven’t made it back home again, especially the ones who are African American," and she said, "Hurricane Gustav wasn’t too bad, but they made everybody leave the city just in case; maybe someday we’ll all be evacuated from here for some reason, and then what will you do?" and I wanted to change the subject, so I said, "So which movie do you want to see? Vicky Cristina Barcelona or Gustav Katrina New Orleans?" and Rosa said, "Trouble the Water is too depressing. Let's see the Woody Allen. I'll pick you up at 7:30," and I said, "No, thanks. I'll ride my bike. I need the exercise," which seems to be the one reason for traveling by bike that car addicts don’t try to argue with.']

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